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Bespoke Shower Doors

Beautifully Bespoke

Start building your door

It starts with a click

1 Simply click “build your door"
2 Choose the style and shape you need your door to be
3 Enter your measurements and the finish you require
4 We provide you a full quote for your beautifully bespoke shower door

Upon accepting our quote, we confirm your designed requirements in the form of a CAD drawing that you can check over before ordering.

Delivery from point of order is approx: 3½ to 4 weeks by a dedicated courier to ensure you receive your beautiful custom door in perfect condition.

Quality guaranteed

All hardware is supplied with a minimum of a 3-year guarantee. Every piece of glass we supply is cut and toughened right here in the North of England to achieve safety glass EN12150 industry standards.

Whether you choose clear, smoked, or white glass, you can rest assured that it has passed the most stringent of quality control tests, which is our guarantee to you.

sloping shower door