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Things you need to know before buying your bespoke shower door

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What is a standard height door?

Typically “off the shelf doors” range from 1850mm unto 2000mm. Our doors can be whatever height you need up to a maximum of 2500mm.

Is there any flexibility or adjustment when fitting the doors?

When fitting a single shower door there maybe around 2mm of adjustment which can be found on the compression seal and the positioning of the hinges on the glass. If you are fitting a fixed panel attached to the wall with a channel, then you can get up to 5mm of adjustment.

Are your shower doors water tight?

Our frameless shower doors are designed to deflect water and will not hold water like a bath. Seals are provided at all door edges, but water should not be directed towards vulnerable areas like the hinges. Hinge plates can be provided which will help if this is the case, but when designing your shower take into consideration which way your shower head is pointing.

What exactly is safety glass?

Regulatory requirements mean that we only supply shower doors that are built using toughened safety glass. After the glass is cut and drilled the glass is then toughened (tempered) which means should the glass break it will break into safer small pieces rather than large shards of glass which could otherwise cause serious injury.

Does the price include all the fittings?

Yes, all fittings are included and we will confirm your design before payment is taken and all hardware and fittings will be supplied.

What is the maximum width unit I can have?

We can make just about any width you need, but the maximum size of the actual glass door that is hinging can be up to 1016mm in width.

How do I get the dimensions you need?

As soon as you have tiled / finished the shower area, then tell us the overall width size that you want the enclosure to be. If you have a shower tray fitted then always allow at least 10mm from the outside of the glass to the edge of the tray, as you need to ensure that the water will drip from the tray back into the shower area, this distance can vary dependant on the tray type you use. With these measurements we will calculate all of the adjustments that are needed for the hardware.

You will also need to tell us to what height you want the maximum to be, remember to leave adequate ventilation space which will need to be decided on site.

Can I have magnetic seals?

You can, but we usually supply standard seals as the hinges we use are self closing (usually at around 15°) and stay shut.

What if I my door does not fit?

Our team will advise which section is the most practical to remake while potentially retaining your existing hardware to keep your costs down.

A redraft will be made for you to approve.



Will you install the shower door?

We do not offer an installation service and we advise that you hire a competent trades person who can install the door for you. However, we have had many DIY enthusiasts who have fitted the units themselves who have achieved great results.

Do I need to leave a gap between the top of the door and the ceiling?

If you do not have suitable ventilation inside the shower area, then a minimum space of a 50mm gap should be between the top of the glass and the ceiling. Depending on your bathroom ventilation design you may need a bigger gap than this. Location of window and vent will be a factor in determining the gap required, so this will be decided on site.

Is the glass protected against limescale or hard water?

We do not try and sell you this addition as an expensive addition. It is simply applied to the glass once fitted and left to dry for 24 hours before using the shower. Some companies increase the cost of their doors considerably for this, we will supply you a self applied bottle for under £20…a massive saving.

How long it it take to get my shower door?

From payment to dispatch it takes around 3 weeks. This could be a little shorter or longer, but in any event we will be working hard to get your door to you quickly and in top quality.

Are there options of glass colours and hardware finishes.

Yes, we can make frosted glass, smoked glass, opti white glass (low iron) as well as an array of finishes from chrome, brass and even matte black!.

How heavy will the shower door be?

That depends on the exact sizes but generally speaking 8mm toughened safety glass weighs 20Kg per 1m square and the 10mm option weighs in at 25Kg per m2. Our hinges are chosen for your specific door weight and size.

An example of how heavy a standard shower door of 2000mm x 900mm would be:
8mm = 36kg / 79lb
10mm = 45kg / 99lb

Do you supply shower trays or mixer showers?

We supply shower doors and screens only. It has taken us many years to gain our knowledge of shower doors and can give you great advice in this area.

Can I change the shower door handle position?

Yes, As a default we place the handles and shower door knobs centres at 950mm from the base. If you wish to change this height then simply let us know.

Do you offer a measuring service ? Or can we send you a template?

We do not offer a measuring service. We will supply a unit based on your the dimensions you supply. All we need is the tight dimensions and we will make all necessary adjustments to ensure the unit with its hardware and seals will fit the space.

We do not accept any templates. We would need you to measure the template and email the dimensions through to us.

The hinges are stiff and do not move at all

The hinges are designed to work in this way until they are fully installed.  This is to assist the installer so door does not move around during the installation process.

I cannot see the design I require on the website

Draft a sketch elevation of your design using the templates on our website as a guide. Show the full dimensions in millimetres.  Email it to for a quote.

What is Ultra Clear Glass

This is a low iron glass, it has better clarity than standard glass which due to the higher iron content has a slight green tint to it. Using this glass means maximum brightness.  It is ideal for bathrooms with paler tiles or marble in the background.

Do the hinges open inwards or outwards?

Glass to wall hinges open 90 degrees inwards and 90 degrees outwards

Glass to Glass Hinges open 90 degrees inwards and 90 degrees outwards

Bifold hinges fold inwards

Do you offer Reeded Glass

Reeded glass is not something we offer.


We offer a range of smoked glass finished as well as frosted or modesty panelled glass.

What hardware colours do you offer?

We offer the following hardware finishes:

Polished Chrome, matte black, brushed nickel, brushed brass polished brass and antique brass


How far is the handle from the edge of the glass?

Handle are generally placed 75mm to the handle hole(s) centres from the edge of the glass.  This can be amend if required on request.


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